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Agile Hacking
Agile Hacking
Agile Hacking


Help us create the best hacking reference/manual/book ever made. We
provide the scene, the resources and the money, and you keep the
credits and the control over the eventual profits. Read on.

During the next couple of months we are open for your submissions. The
idea is to harvest the knowledge of the crowds in order to create the
best hacker manual ever made. The process is very simple. We, as well
as you, will commit new hacks, tips, tricks and techniques in the
fields of information security to our system. Each hack will be
published under its author's Name and URL (blog, site, etc) on the
blog under the title and category of "Agile Hacking". Once we have a
good enough number of hacks, we will tip some money in, in order to
make our mutual work into a book, which will preserve all the credits
of its authors. The book will be available for a free download but
also as a hard/soft cover printed version. If the book makes some
money, you will decide how to spend them.

    "Agile Hacking" like in quick and well-coordinated in movement or
marked by an ability to think quickly, mentally acute or aware.
Overall, a breathtaking experience. Keep it small, keep it simple,
keep it agile!

It just cannot get better then that. Now is the time to become part of
the history. We will soon open a more agile interface for your entries
but we are still hesitant on the actual implementation as we would
like to keep the process as simple and transparent as possible. So,
for now, and maybe for the future, keep posting your entries to our
group email at group@gnucitizen.org. Let's the experiment begin. 



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