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AstroCam XSS
XSS in AstroCam
XSS in AstroCam

XSS in AstroCam 2.5.x/2.6.x/2.7.[123]

Software:	AstroCam
Vulnerable:	2.5.0-2.7.3
Not vulnerable:	2.7.4
Class:		Input Validation Error
Remote: 	Yes
Local:		Yes
Credit: 	This issue was announced by the vendor.
Anouncement:	http://wendzel.de/?sub=showpost&blogid=5&postid=56 
Project URL:	http://wendzel.de/?sub=softw&ssub=acam 


It was possibly to execute HTML embedded script code
in pic.php.

Patch/URL can be found here:

Steffen Wendzel


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