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Akamai Technologies Security Advisory 2007-0001
Akamai Technologies Security Advisory 2007-0001
Akamai Technologies Security Advisory 2007-0001

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Akamai Technologies Security Advisory 2007-0001

* Akamai ID:         2007-0001
* Date:              2007/04/16
* Product Name:      Download Manager
* Affected Versions: <
* Fixed Version:
* CVE IDs:           CVE-2007-1891 CVE-2007-1892
* CVSS Base Score:   (AV:R/AC:H/Au:NR/C:C/I:C/A:C/B:N) 8.0

* Product Description:

Akamai Download Manager is a client software application that helps
users download content easily, quickly, and reliably.  It is available
as an ActiveX component or Java applet and provides users the ability
to pause, resume downloading at a later time, and automatically
recover from dropped connections or system crashes.

* Vulnerability Description:

Two security vulnerabilities have been discovered in the ActiveX
version of Akamai Download Manager.  For successful exploitation, both
vulnerabilities require the user to visit a malicious URL, triggering
a stack-based buffer overflow that allows the attacker to execute
arbitrary code within the context of the victim.

Vulnerability CVE-2007-1891 affects versions newer than and
older than  Vulnerability CVE-2007-1892 affects all versions
prior to  Both are remediated by installing version
and upgrading to this version is recommended.

The Java version of Akamai Download Manager is not affected by either
of these vulnerabilities.

These vulnerabilities exist only in the Download Manager client
software and do not affect Akamai's services in any way.

* Patch Instructions:

Affected users can upgrade to the latest version of Akamai Download
Manager by visiting the following web page:


Visiting that page or any other Download Manager enabled page will
prompt the user to install the latest version of the software
automatically.  Akamai has successfully coordinated with each of our
enterprise customers to ensure that all are distributing the patched

To verify the correct version is installed:

 1) In Internet Explorer, choose "Internet Options..." from the
    "Tools" menu.

 2) Under the "General" tab, select "Settings..." from the "Temporary
    Internet files" section.

 3) Select "View Objects..." from the "Temporary Internet files
    folder" section.

 4) Find the item for "DownloadManager Control" and verify that the
    version is "2,2,1,0" or higher.

 * If you wish to uninstall Download Manager, complete this last step:

 5) Find the item for "DownloadManager Control", right-click and
    select "Remove".

 6) When prompted to confirm, choose "Yes".

* Credit:

CVE-2007-1891 was independently discovered and brought to Akamai's
attention by both:

Fortinet (http://www.fortinet.com/) 
iDefense (http://labs.idefense.com/) 

CVE-2007-1892 was discovered by Akamai.

* Additional Information:


* About Akamai:

Akamai=AE is the leading global service provider for accelerating
content and business processes online. Thousands of organizations have
formed trusted relationships with Akamai, improving their revenue and
reducing costs by maximizing the performance of their online
businesses. Leveraging the Akamai EdgePlatform, these organizations
gain business advantage today, and have the foundation for the
emerging Web solutions of tomorrow. Akamai is "The Trusted Choice for
Online Business." For more information, visit www.akamai.com. 

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