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Another You tube clone script vulnerability
Another You tube clone script vulnerability
Another You tube clone script vulnerability

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ChX Security |
Advisory #2  |
->	"Generic YouTube Clone Script - XSRF: Arbitrary Code Injection"	<-

Data |
=====Author: Pepepistola 
Program: Generic YouTube Clone Script
Severity: Moderately Critical
Type of Advisory: Mid Disclosure
Affected/Tested Versions: -- (* See below)

*	There multiple clone scripts make by multiple vendors but all share the 
same mistakes
	and even same code, so we couldnt determinate the right (or original) 

Program Description |
===================Dream to build your own highly profitable online video sharing community 
just like YouTube or DailyMotion?
Unleash the power of video sharing to boost your websites' traffic & 

Overview |
========The "Email-Template" module has no file type validation and a remote 
attacker could lead the admin
to create a especially crafted malicious email template that allows the 
remote attacker to compromise
the entire system.

WorkAround |
==========The Admin has the capabilities to create and a "Email-Template" that would 
be stored in the directory:
Since the module doesn't have any file type validation the admin can upload 
any arbitrary file type,
so a remote attacker can gain access by just leading the (already logged-in) 
admin to and a specially
crafted (malicious) website that truth a Cross-site Request Forgery make the 
admin automatically create
a email template.
This could lead to a remote attacker to gain access and further more 
compromise the entire system.

Proof Of Concept|
===============ChX Security will not release any proof of concept.

===========By the moment there is no official solution provided by the vendor(s)...
ChX Security encourages to the website admins to just stay logged-in only 
the necessary time and keep
logged-off at all time that you dont have to do any administration related 

Dates |
=====Bug Found: 04/07/2007
Vendor Contact: --/--/--
Vendor Response: --/--/--
Public Disclosure: 06/07/2007

Shouts |
======g30rg3_x, musashi, patoruzu, elvispresley, skyline2412 (p1mp4m)

            ChX Security
             (c) 2007

Copy: http://chxsecurity.org/advisories/adv-2-mid.txt 


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