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ActiveX hpqutil!ListFiles hpqutil.dll - Remote heap overflow
ActiveX hpqutil!ListFiles hpqutil.dll - Remote heap overflow
ActiveX hpqutil!ListFiles hpqutil.dll - Remote heap overflow

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:. GOODFELLAS Security Research TEAM  .:
:. http://goodfellas.shellcode.com.ar .: 

ActiveX hpqutil!ListFiles hpqutil.dll - Remote heap overflow.
============================================================Internal ID: VULWAR200706041

GOODFELLAS security research team has found a bug in a dll included in
at least the following HP products: 

* HP All-in-One Series Web Release 
* HP Photo & Imaging Gallery version 1.1

The affected dll is called hpqutil.dll at least in it's version in English, and specifically the problem is a heap overflow

tested in
Windows XP spanish with SP2


Remotable exploitation of this heap overflow  could allow a user to
execute arbitriary code or crash internet explorer. The heap overflow is
related to a call to lstrcpyA() inside a function that is not checking
the buffer's bounds. 
This call is made from the FindFile() function the dll overloaded from
The dll allocates 320 bytes for the buffer where some arbitrarily long
user input is to be stored.
This bug is related with "FileFind class from MFC Library cause heap
You could view more details in

This exploitable bug crashes internet explorer and if used along other 
techniques could allow for remote code execution. Explotation requires a
targetted user to load a web page containing the crafted activeX control
with internet explorer, it is also required to have activeX enabled.

- Unregistering hpqutil.dll using regsvr32
- Activate the Kill bit zero in clsid

june 14, 2007 -- bug discovery
june 20, 2007 -- vendor notification
July 30, 2007 -- ping ... (no response)
September 14, 2007 -- Bug published

* Brian Mariani  
* Jonathan Sarba  
* GoodFellas Security Research Team 

Proof of concept


technical detail
73d6cd3f 8bff            mov     edi,edi
73d6cd41 55              push    ebp
73d6cd42 56              push    esi
73d6cd43 57              push    edi
        => ecx=04ecedd4
        => esi=0795cf24

73d6cd44 8bf1            mov     esi,ecx
73d6cd46 e89effffff      call    MFC42!CFileFind::Close (73d6cce9)
73d6cd4b 6840010000      push    140h <<<====  320 bytes to
73d6cd50 e8ce73feff      call    MFC42!operator new (73d54123)
        => Allocating memory for the buffer (malloc)
        => eax= 4170ec0

73d6cd55 8b6c2414        mov     ebp,dword ptr [esp+14h]
        => esp+14 has a pointer to the argument buffer (AAAAA...)

73d6cd59 83661000        and     dword ptr [esi+10h],0
73d6cd5d 85ed            test    ebp,ebp
        => ebp=068b5064 (this is the address of the buffer)

73d6cd5f 59              pop     ecx  <<<===== this is 140h
73d6cd60 894608          mov     dword ptr [esi+8],eax
        => eax=04170ec0

73d6cd63 7505            jne     MFC42!CFileFind::FindFile+0x2b
(73d6cd6a) (LSTRCPY)!
        => strcpy(eax, ebp) where EBP="AAAAAA....\*.jpg"
        => EAX  has 140h till it reaches the end of its scope

73d6cd65 bda4d0df73      mov     ebp,offset MFC42!`string' (73dfd0a4)
73d6cd6a 55              push    ebp
73d6cd6b 83c02c          add     eax,2Ch

MFC42!operator new:
73d54123 8bff            mov     edi,edi
73d54125 53              push    ebx
73d54126 55              push    ebp
73d54127 8b6c240c        mov     ebp,dword ptr [esp+0Ch]
73d5412b 56              push    esi
73d5412c 57              push    edi
73d5412d 8b3de466df73    mov     edi,dword ptr [MFC42!_imp__malloc
73d54133 83cbff          or      ebx,0FFFFFFFFh

73d6cd6a 55              push    ebp
73d6cd6b 83c02c          add     eax,2Ch
73d6cd6e 50              push    eax
73d6cd6f ff15d061df73    call    dword ptr [MFC42!_imp__lstrcpyA
                        => kernel32!lstrcpyA: access violation
                        => vulnerable heap structure
73d6cd75 ff7608          push    dword ptr [esi+8]
73d6cd78 55              push    ebp
73d6cd79 ff15d861df73    call    dword ptr [MFC42!_imp__FindFirstFileA
73d6cd7f 83f8ff          cmp     eax,0FFFFFFFFh

GOODFELLAS (Shellcode Security Research)

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