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Graphviz Buffer Overflow Code Execution
Advisory: Graphviz Buffer Overflow Code Execution
Advisory: Graphviz Buffer Overflow Code Execution

The graphviz team has just released a patch to a critical security issue
I reported to them.

The following is the advisory (also available at

Graphviz is an open-source multi-platform graph visualization software. It
takes a description of graphs in a simple text format (DOT language), and
makes diagrams out of it in several useful formats (including SVG).

A vulnerability exists in Graphviz's parsing engine which makes it possible to
overflow a globally allocated array and corrupt memory by doing so.

parser.y (Graphviz 2.20.2):

  34:  static Agraph_t        *Gstack[32];
  35:  static int            GSP;
  45:  static void push_subg(Agraph_t *g)
  46:  {
  47:       G = Gstack[GSP++] = g;
  48:  }

  As it can be seen, no bounds check is performed by the push_svg procedure,
  allowing one to overflow Gstack by pushing more than 32 (Agraph_t *)

A malicious user can achieve an arbitrary code execution by creating a
specially crafted DOT file and convince the victim to render it using Graphviz.

Affected versions
Graphviz 2.20.2 is affected by this vulnerability. Older version are probably
affected as well.

Version 2.20.3 has been released in order to address this issue. A bounds check
has been added in order to avoid an overflow.

parser.y (Graphviz 2.20.3):

  34:  #define GSTACK_SIZE 64
  35:  static Agraph_t      *Gstack[GSTACK_SIZE];
  36:  static int            GSP;
  46:  static void push_subg(Agraph_t *g)
  47:  {
  48:      if (GSP >= GSTACK_SIZE) {
  49:          agerr (AGERR, "Gstack overflow in graph parser\n"); exit(1);
  50:      }
  51:      G = Gstack[GSP++] = g;
  52:  }

I would like to thank the Graphviz team (Stephen C. North, John Ellson,
Emden R. Gansner and others) for their quick responses and fix (it took them
only a day since my disclosure to release a patch!).

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