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Oracle CPU October 2008 - APEX Flows excessive privileges
Advisory for Oracle CPU October 2008 - APEX Flows excessive privileges
Advisory for Oracle CPU October 2008 - APEX Flows excessive privileges

Advisory for Oracle CPU October 2008 - APEX FLOWS excessive privileges
See http://www.petefinnigan.com/Advisory_CPU_Oct_2008.htm for details 


Oracle Appication Express (APEX) is a rapid development tool for
developing web based ineterfaces and applications that run against an
Oracle database. APEX is operated from a web browser and allows people
with limited programming experience to develop professional
applications. The issue located by PeteFinnigan.com Limited relates to
excessive privileges assigned to the FLOWS database schema/user account.


If the APEX schemas exist then the risk is still present without
application of the patch. The risk increases if the schema is accessible
due to a weak password or an additional attack vectors that allows code
to run as the APEX FLOWS account. Access to the schema, either directly
or indirectly are required to exploit this issue. Note that normally the
password for this account in a default installation is random and complex.


If APEX is not used in the database then it can be removed by dropping
the FLOWS schemas and removing the APEX functionallity.

Patch Information

PeteFinnigan.com Limited advises customers to apply the January 2008 CPU
patch as soon as is practical. See Oracle's advisory for details of the
patch availability matrix.


Pete Finnigan of PeteFinnigan.com Limited discovered this vulnerability.




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