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Ernw security advisory 01/2006
ERNW Security Advisory 01/2006
ERNW Security Advisory 01/2006

ERNW Security Advisory 01-2006

Buffer Overflow in Algorithmic Researchs PrivateWire Online Registration Facility

Michael Thumann 
Homepage: http://www.ernw.de 

1. Summary:
The Online Registration Facility  of Algorithmic Research PrivateWire VPN Software
doesn't do proper bounds checking handling normal GET requests.
Sending an overlong page or script name, it causes a buffer overflow and an attacker
can control the EIP to run arbitrary code on the victims machine.

2. Severity : Critical

3. Products affected
All Versions of the PrivateWire Gateway Software up to version 3.7

4. Patch Availability :
A patch is available from the vendor www.arx.com 

5. Details
The follwoing request causes PrivateWire to crash:

GET /AAAAAA.....AAAA  with 8160 As

6. Solution
Contact the vendor and install the patch.

7. Time-Line 
19  Dec 2005: Vulnerability reported to vendor
21  Dec 2005: Telephone conference with vendor
04 Apr 2006: Patch available
26 June 2006: Public Disclosure

8. Disclaimer
The informations in this advisory are provided "AS IS" without warranty 
of any kind. In no event shall the authors be liable for any damages 
whatsoever including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, 
loss of business profits or special damages due to the misuse of any 
information provided in this advisory. 


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