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eTicket Multiple Vulnerabilities
eTicket Multiple Vulnerabilities
eTicket Multiple Vulnerabilities

=====================================================================eTicket Multiple Vulnerabilities
Author:          L4teral 
Impact:          Cross Site Scripting
                 Cross Site Request Forgery
                 SQL Injection
Status:          patch not available

Affected software description:

Application:     eTicket
Version: (other versions may also be affected)
Vendor: http://eticket.sourceforge.net 

eTicket is a PHP-based electronic (open source) support ticket system
based on osTicket, that can receive tickets via email (pop3/pipe) or
a web form. It also offers a ticket manager with many features.
An ideal helpdesk solution for any website.


1. The variable 's' is not properly sanitized leading to
   cross site scripting.

2. The script admin.php is prone to sql injections (admin
   privileges required).

3. The search of the application is prone to sql injection, which
   can be used to obtain login credentials or perform other
   malicious taks.
   The parameters 'status', 'sort' and 'way' are not properly
   sanitized before being used in a sql query.
   Exploitation requires valid user credentials, but as any user
   is able to create a ticket, an attacker can obtain valid login
   data without any problems.

4. The application is vulnerable to cross site request forgery.
   Combined with the "my account" part of the application
   being prone to sql injection, the password of an admin
   account can be set to an arbitrary value by just visiting
   a specially crafted website wile being logged in to the
   application. Normally, the current password has to be entered
   to change the password of an account. This can be circumvented
   in the described way by combining the two vulnerabilities.





By visiting a page containing the following code, the password of a
logged in administrator will be set to "hacked".

action="http://localhost/eTicket/admin.php?a=my" method="post">


--------- Timeline: --------- 2007-11-19 - vendor informed The vendor responded, but after multiple attempts i did not get a statement whether these vulnerabilities will get fixed in a new version.

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