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eForum 0.4 XSS
eForum 0.4 XSS
eForum 0.4 XSS

by Omni

1) Infos
Date : 2008-03-05
Product : eForum
Version : v 0.4
Vendor : http://www.phpbrasil.com/scripts/script.php/id/169
Vendor Status :
2008-03-18 Not Informed!
2008-03-18 Published!

Description :
eForum is an easy-to-install discussion board that doesn't require any database. Features include admin area to delete
topics with session authentication, a search system (more stable this version), configurable layout using css file.
Moderator can be notified of new posts on the forum. It has threaded view. Ubbcode-style supported. Multiple languages
supported: Portuguese, English, German and Danish. UPDATE 0.4: post preview, better ubbcode support, better javascript,
other small changes, some bugs fixed, italian and turkish translations.

Dork : Powered by .. could be used.
Source : omnipresent - omni - http://omni.playhack.org

E-mail : omnipresent[at]NOSPAMemail[dot]it - omni[at]NOSPAMplayhack[dot]net

2) Security Issues


Input passed to "busca" and "link" parameters in busca.php are not properly sanitized before being returned to the
user's browser.

This can be exploited to execute arbitrary HTML/script code.

--- [ PoC ] ---

use the input box and search what you want. (js)



--- [ Patch ] ---
- Edit the source code.

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