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EUSecWest 2007 Papers
EUSecWest 2007 Papers
EUSecWest 2007 Papers


For those who asked, we are still processing the submissions for CanSecWest
and the call closed, please stand by. The paper selections are back from the
reviewers for EUSecWest, in London on March 1-2.

In absolutely random order:

Threats against and protection of Microsoft's internal network - Greg Galford, 
Linux Kernel == Security Nightmare - Marcel Holtmann, Red Hat
/GS and ASLR in Windows Vista - Ollie Whitehouse, Symantec
Fuzzing: history, perspectives and limits - Christian Wieser, Oulu university
The new OWASP Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology - Matteo Meucci 
& Alberto Revelli, OWASP-Italy
Reverse Engineering Malicious Javascript - Jose Nazario, Ph.D., Arbor
Bypassing NAC Systems - Ofir Arkin, Insightix
RFID - Adam Laurie, trifinite
Protecting Next-Gen Networks @ Nx10G link sizes - Jim Deleskie, Teleglobe
Video Conferencing Security - Navid Jam, Sandia National Laboratories
Software Virtualization Based Rootkits - Sun Bing
VoIP Attacks! - Dustin D. Trammell, TippingPoint
Windows Vista Exploitation Countermeasures - Richard Johnston, Microsoft
OSX Security - Daniel Cuthbert, Corsaire
Distributed drone-based malware propagation and deployment automation - 
Emmanuel H

We have added a new RFID dojo in London with Adam, and Nico 
has a new VoIP Security dojo amongst the new dojos to be announced
for CanSecWest along with the paper selections. Dojos for London 
have final schedules now.


World Security Pros. Cutting Edge Training, Tools, and Techniques
London, U.K. Mar 1-2 - 2007 http://eusecwest.com 
pgpkey http://dragos.com/ kyxpgp 

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