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eNdonesia 8.4
eNdonesia 8.4
eNdonesia 8.4

Application: eNdonesia 8.4
Web Site: http://www.endonesia.org/ 
Versions: all
Platform: linux, windows
Bug: multiple injection sql
Fix Available: no


1) Introduction
2) Bug
3) proof of concept

==========1) Introduction
"eNdonesia 8.4 is a web portal application, content management system, 
news publishing systems, or whatever you want to name it. It has been 
developed to enable people build their own internet empire by providing portal for the public, 
just like what Yahoo has done, and Google want to do. "

=====2) Bug
injection sql 

====3)proof of concept


--> get some local files with load_file ( you it's a priviliged account )




regards laurent gaffi=E9
contact : laurent.gaffie@gmail.com 

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