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Ftp fuzzer
FTP Fuzzer
FTP Fuzzer


We have released simple and user friendly GUI FTP fuzzer tool for stress
testing FTP server implementations. It is quite configurable tool, which
means that you can precisely define which FTP commands will be fuzzed
with the parameter size and test strings.

Running this fuzzer against FTP server implementations resulted in
uncovering numerous security vulnerabilities (overflows, format strings) 
in various FTP servers. After short period of fuzzing, fuzzer revealed 
buffer overflow vulnerabilities in for example:

- ArgoSoft FTP Server (RNTO Unicode overflow)
- Golden FTP Server (NLST overflow)
- FileZilla FTP Server (MLSD)
- FileZilla remote server interface (homemade protocol)
- WarFTPD (various exceptions and WDM.exe overflow)

You can download it from:

Leon Juranic

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