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Fx-app version
fx-APP Version
fx-APP Version

fx-APP Version


Effected files:
search input box
input boxes on your profile
adding a menu item


I noticed there was already several BID's on the a script WebAPP:


However, none on these were on a recently new cgi script called fx-APP, which looks similar to webAPP and as their

homepage says:

"fx-APP is A Practical Perl content management system and portal written in Perl/CGI. fx-APP is up to par with Web standards so that it is more useable and multi-browser friendly. Includes mods, plugins/addons, etc. fx-APP utilises a flat file, so SQL database is not necessary. Easy to use and setup in a matter of minutes. fx-APP is Open source, licensed under GNU/GPL and free to download and use."

so I decided to submit with what I could find.


fx-APP has a module called Tools, now the url of this module in the browser bar is:

Upon testing that I was able to find you can visit any page on any offsite domain, much like using a content wrapper. In a way this could be harmful, because if a malicious user wanted to load up ascript on another site, he could, and he would still be on the fx-APP site because the page loads in an iframe. Poc:


XSS Vulnerabilities:

When inputting the [iframe] tag in the search box I noticed its converted to [yframe] and javascript is converted to javascrypt, so one way of bypassing this is to use thedecimal value of javascript. For PoC put this in the search box:


Profile input box XSS vulnerabilities:

Data in the profile boxes such as url, website, comment, signature etc are not properally filtered. This could lead

toauser creating an XSS attack. One way tobypass these filters, much like the way above, we convert the word

javascript into its decimal equivlent and addafew closing and opening tags:

For PoC try putting the following in the url, website, comment or signature box:


Now if you'd like to see a XSS example on the same screen as editing your profile just put in:


and when you hit edit profile, you will notice the popup on that page again as well.


Adding a menu item XSS vulnerability:

Userinput isn't correctly filtered here either, whena user logs in, he can go to "Edit My Menu", and then "Add Menu Item", in thes einput boxes auser can put:

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