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FTD v3.7.3 XSS
XSS Vulnerability in FTD v3.7.3
XSS Vulnerability in FTD v3.7.3

There are some XSS Vulnerabilities in FTD v3.7.3 and prior.

XSS attacks (HTML / Javascript codes) will launch if they are submitted as a search in the search bar.

They will also be launched when sent as a mail to yourself or a victim.

Proof of Concept:

To make sure it launches, you just need to add a word or a normal character before your code.

Example: Hello  !

If you ignore this and you send you mail without adding a character before your code, you could get this problem:
If you send '',
it'll become 'Alert(1);'.
This is because the program wants to correct the first letter, it will try to make the first letter a capital one.

FTD: http://www.binaries4all.nl/ftd/


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