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Vulnerability in Indeo Codec
Fortinet Advisory: Fortinet Discovers Vulnerability in Indeo Codec
Fortinet Advisory: Fortinet Discovers Vulnerability in Indeo Codec

Fortinet Discovers Vulnerability in Indeo Codec


Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs Discovers Memory Corruption Vulnerability in Indeo Codec.


Remote Code Execution.



Affected Software:

For a list of operating system and product versions affected, please see the Microsoft Security Advisory reference below.

Additional Information:

The Indeo codec on systems running Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 could allow code to run on users systems when opening specially crafted content. There are multiple ways that the Indeo codec may be used and may be required by certain applications. The Indeo codec may be required when visiting legitimate Web sites, and in corporate environment line-of-business applications.

=95     Use the solution provided by Microsoft (Microsoft Security Advisory 954157).
=95     FortiGuard Labs released a signature "MS.Windows.Indeo.Codec.Memory.Corruption", which covers this specific vulnerability.
FortiGuard Labs continues to monitor attacks against this vulnerability.

Fortinet customers who subscribe to Fortinet=92s intrusion prevention (IPS) service should be protected against this memory corruption vulnerability. Fortinet=92s IPS service is one component of FortiGuard Subscription Services, which also offer comprehensive solutions such as antivirus, Web content filtering and antispam capabilities. These services enable protection against threats on both application and network layers. FortiGuard Services are continuously updated by FortiGuard Labs, which enables Fortinet to deliver a combination of multi-layered security intelligence and true zero-day protection from new and emerging threats. These updates are delivered to all FortiGate, FortiMail and FortiClient products. Fortinet strictly follows responsible disclosure guidelines to ensure optimum protection during a threat's lifecycle.

=95     Microsoft Security Advisory: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/advisory/954157.MSpx"
=95     Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/954157
=95     CVE ID: CVE-2009-4210

=95     Bing Liu of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs

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