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Flyspray Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
Flyspray Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
Flyspray Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] Advisory       #DSECRG-08-017

Application:                    Flyspray (web-based bug tracking system)
Versions Affected:    
Vendor URL: http://www.flyspray.org 
Bugs:                           SiXSS, Stored XSS, Brute Force
Exploits:                       YES
Reported:                       08.02.2008
Vendor response:                08.02.2008
Solution:                       24.02.2008 
Date of Public Advisory:        03.03.2008
Author:                         Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] (research [at] dsec [dot] ru)


Flyspray system has multiple security vulnerabilities:

1. SiXSS in POST
2. Stored XSS in POST
3. Login Error Messages Credential Enumeration


1. SiXSS in POST, attacker can inject XSS code in SQL Error.

1.1 Vulnerabilities found in script index.php?do=myprofile.

POST parameters "tasks_perpage", "time_zone", "account_enabled", "notify_own".


tasks_perpage = 
time_zone = 

1.2 Vulnerabilities found in script index.php?do=admin&area=newproject.

POST parameters "anon_open", "others_view".


anon_open = 

1.3 Vulnerabilities found in script index.php?do=admin&area=cat.

POST parameters "lft[4]", "rgt[4]".


rgt[4] = 

1.4 Vulnerabilities found in script index.php?do=pm&area=prefs.

POST parameters "comment_closed", "project_is_active".


project_is_active = 

1.5 Vulnerabilities found in script index.php?do=details.

POST parameters "closedby_version", "edit", "edit_start_time", 
"find_user", "item_status", "operating_system", "percent_complete", 
"product_category", "project_id", "reportedver", "task_priority", 
"task_severity", "task_type", .


project_id = 
item_status = 


2. Vulnerability found in script index.php?do=details in task details page. 

POST parameter "item_summary".


item_summary = 


3. Login Error Messages Credential Enumeration

When trying to login using bad credentials, the application generates different error messages when the user inputs an invalid username and an invalid password separately. 

Attacker ca use the brute force technique to establish valid usernames, before proceeding to attempt discovery of the associated password. 

Fix Information

Flyspray was altered to fix this flaw on 24.02.2008. Updated version ( can be downloaded here:

Vendor advisory



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