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Insecure auto-update and file execution (2006)
Insecure Auto-Update and File execution (2)
Insecure Auto-Update and File execution (2)

Dear List,

As my advisory has been a bit unclear in certain regards, I would like
to clarify a few questions I have received briefly :

- The Auto update problem with Zango Adware remains, there was no fix.
- The Adware component is distributed by over 10.000 affilates
  everyday and I expect it to be installed on millions of workstations (IMO).
- If you compromise (or alter) a DNS server this gives immediate access to
  internal client machines.

  The impact as citing Kevin F. is : "Dns server pwnage and then mass client ownage"

Thierry Zoller
Fingerprint : 5D84 BFDC CD36 A951 2C45  2E57 28B3 75DD 0AC6 F1C7

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