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InfoSec Paper: Creating Business Through Virtual Trust
InfoSec Paper: Creating Business Through Virtual Trust
InfoSec Paper: Creating Business Through Virtual Trust

Information Security Community,

Please consider our paper - "Creating Business Through Virtual Trust: 
How to Gain and Sustain a Competitive Advantage Using Information 
Security" - for your review.

Here is the abstract from our paper:

"Cash. Profit. Margins. Productivity. This is the language of business. 
At this time, it is not the language of information security. Business 
is concerned with the creation of new entities and assets that generate 
cash. Information security, by contrast,  is traditionally concerned 
with protecting these entities and assets. In this paper we examine a 
perspective which currently exists but is largely dormant in the 
information security field. We maintain that information security can be 
actively involved in the creation of business and that the skills 
required to create commercial activity must be added to the information 
security professional=92s intellectual tool set.  We also present evidence 
to demonstrate that the capability of security to create business, which 
we designate by the term =93virtual trust=94, may become a dominant paradigm 
for how to think about information security."

The paper may be downloaded here:

We have set up a website for your feedback. Please register if you are 
interested in participating in the dialogue. The site is:

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to a productive discussion.

Kenneth F. Belva & Sam H. Dekay

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