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Internet Explorer DoS vulnerability
DoS vulnerability in Internet Explorer
DoS vulnerability in Internet Explorer

Hello Bugtraq!

I want to warn you about Denial of Service vulnerability in Internet
Explorer. Which I already disclosed at my site in 2008 (at 29.09.2008). But
recently I made new tests concerning this vulnerability, so I decided to
remind you about it.

I know this vulnerability for a long time - it's well-known DoS in IE. It
works in IE6 and after release of IE7 I hoped that Microsoft fixed this hole
in seventh version of the browser. But as I tested at 29.09.2008, IE7 was
also vulnerable to this attack. And as I tested recently, IE8 is also
vulnerable to this attack.

Also I informed Microsoft at 01.10.2008 about it, but they ignored and
didn't fix it. They didn't fix the hole not in IE6, nor in IE7, nor in IE8.

That time I published about this vulnerability at SecurityVulns


Vulnerability concerned with handling by browser of expression in styles,
which leads to blocking of work of IE.


Vulnerable versions are Internet Explorer 6 (6.0.2900.2180), Internet 
Explorer 7 (7.0.6000.16711), Internet Explorer 8 (8.0.7600.16385) and 
previous versions.

To Susan Bradley from Bugtraq:

This is one of those cases, which I told you before, when browser vendors
ignore to fix DoS holes in their browsers for many years.

Best wishes & regards,
Administrator of Websecurity web site

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