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Immunity Debugger v1.2 Release
Immunity Debugger v1.2 Release
Immunity Debugger v1.2 Release

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This release we include a flurry of new exciting features!

 We are proud to announce the first beta version of our free
Vista Heap Library, which supports the new 'Freelist' and
Low Fragmentation Chunk.  Check out the new usage of the
!heap command for more details.

 Also included in this release the new recognition library using
heuristic patterns, with a huge database of known windows static
functions. Immunity Debugger includes this library both as a
PyCommand (use !recognize) and as a function for scripting
(use searchFunctionByHeuristic).

As an example usage, imagine you want to release your own script
and set a breakpoint on a unnamed function which might move or
change slightly across different versions of the program. Using
Immunity Debugger's API you can get the heuristic out of the
function and do:

 address = imm.searchFunctionByHeuristic( heuristic)
 imm.setBreakpoint( address )

 Finally, we include our own small version of peid called
!findpacker using Ero Carrera's pefile and Bob's UserDB with
around 1300 signatures for packers, cryptors and other loaders.

 Immunity is also moving the deadline for the PyCommands contest
to the 10th of December to give you more time to use the new features.

 Thanks for using Immunity Debugger! We hope you enjoy this month's
release. You+can upgrade your current Immunity Debugger by going to
Help/Update or by directly downloading the new installer from

Don't forget to check out the Immunity Forum
for more examples, feedback, cool screenshots, etc.

Immunity Debugger Team

1.20 Build 0
October 1, 2007

New Features:

- Immunity Debugger API
  o immlib.getThreadId() method added: return the current debuggee
thread id
        o immlib.getCallTree() method added: return the call tree for
        o immlib.setFocus() method added: focus ID window
        o immlib.isValidHandle() method added: check if a HWND is still
        o immlib.getInfoPanel() method added: get information from panel
          and optionally receives a type flag to force the kind of
        o imm.findPacker() method added: find packers/cryptors on a file
or a
          loaded module
        o imm.getMemoryPagebyOwner(): Find all the memory pages
belonging to a
        o immlib.ps() returns two extra objects: the tcp list and the
udp list
        o immlib.getComment() now will try to fetch all types of
        o Added new HOOKTYPE: PRE_BP_HOOK, hooks exactly before the
          is hit (Decoding events timeline)
        o New Vista support for libheap
        o Custom Tables has "Clear Window" menu now
        o Added several methods from librecognize

- PyCommands
        o findpacker added. (Use of findPacker to get Packers from a
        o recognize added. (Function Recognizing using heuristic
        o Hippie now can filter by heap
        o heap updated to work with new Vista Heap
        o Optimized code for stackvars (Memory usage reduction during

- Core
        o Pyshell can be focused once created with alt-F11
        o Shortcut for attach process added: Ctrl+F1
        o Added librecognition.py (Library for function recognizing)

- Graph
        o immvcglib.generateGraphFromBuf() method added: play with your
own vcg
        o Redesign of VCG parser: easier to read, easier to use.

Bug Fixes:

o Return value (HWND) of createTable
o Fixed Attach Search Filtering :
o Grapher: Vertex lastline jumps correctly displayed now
o Fixed crash when searching on modules:
o Fixed search issue on protected binary:
o Fixed breakpoint/logpoint hooks issue (logic/stepping inside a hook)
o Fixed PyString_AsString() missbehaviour
o Fixed PyCommand Gui Arguments box to receive \x00 as argument
o Fixed imm.getModulebyAddress() to receive any module address and not
  module entry point

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