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Juniper SA Series Cross Site Scripting Issue
Juniper SA Series Cross Site Scripting Issue
Juniper SA Series Cross Site Scripting Issue

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The Juniper Secure Access (SA) web interface allows users to manage the
bookmarks on their landing page. This bookmark management functionality
does not filter user input properly and can allow cross site scripting

Upon modification or creation of a bookmark, the editbk.cgi script is
requested with a parameter named "row".  This parameter identifies the
bookmark in question and its value is used in the server response.  It is a
flaw in the input handling of this "row" parameter that makes the appliance
vulnerable to a cross site scripting attack.

Successful exploitation could allow a remote attacker to hijack an
authenticated session between a victim and the Juniper SA web interface.

Usage of the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature will severely increase the impact
as SSO automatically grants the hijacked session access to other systems
(e.g. typically used in combination with Outlook Web  Access).


Juniper SA appliances running Juniper IVE OS 6.0 or higher


Juniper released IVE updates 6.3R7, 6.4R5 and 6.5R2 which fix this issue.
The updates and installation instructions are available for Juniper
customers on the Juniper website (note: login required)

Alternatively, the bookmark functionality can be temporary disabled until
the Juniper update has been applied. A Juniper administrator can disable
the bookmark functionality via the Central Manager by unchecking the "User
can add bookmarks" option in the "Web" tab of the active user roles.


This vulnerability was discovered by Niels Heinen from the security testing
services team of Logica Nederland B.V.
Author: Logica Nederland B.V. ("Logica")


Logica is a business and technology service company, employing 39,000
people.  We're experts in security, and have been for over 40 years. We
help our clients to succeed against their competition by providing services
others cannot deliver, securely.  Creating confidence with customers,
supporting growth. Keeping their brand highly regarded in the digital
world.  With a secure organisation, new ways are possible, such as using
the cloud, mobile apps, outsourcing.  We also help our clients to detect
and prevent fraudulent and criminal behaviour.  Creating confidence for
society that you are protecting them from the increasing global threats in
the physical and on-line world. Ensuring vital services, such as energy and
telecoms, will be delivered without disruption.


Logica is not responsible for the use of the information we provide through
the advisories. Use of the information constitutes acceptance for use in an
as-is condition. There are no warranties with egard to this information.
Neither the author not the publisher accepts any liability for any direct,
indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from use of, or reliance
on, this information.

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