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Microsoft SQL Server Fingerprint Too BETA-3l!!!
Microsoft SQL Server Fingerprint Too BETA-3l!!!
Microsoft SQL Server Fingerprint Too BETA-3l!!!

.:[Software Description:

This is a tool that performs version fingerprinting on Microsoft SQL Server
2000, 2005 and 2008, using well known techniques based on several public tools
that identifies the SQL Version. The strength of this tool is that it uses
probabilistic algorithm to identify the version of the Microsoft SQL Server. 

The "Microsoft SQL Server Fingerprint Tool" can also be used to identify
vulnerable versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

.:[ Software Release Life Cycle:

The initial public release will be the Version 1.00.0006, and will follow the

	1. January 4th, 2010: Community Technology Preview (CTP)
	2. January 19th, 2010: Release Candidate (RC)
	3. January 31st, 2010: Release to Marketing (RTM)
	4. February 15th, 2010: General Availability (GA)

"Help me to develop this tool... I need "Beta Testers". To help me, please,
download the version BETA 3." (Nelson Brito)

.:[ Microsoft SQL Server Fingerprint Tool

1. Google Code Project Hosting @ http://code.google.com/p/mssqlfp/ 
	2. Google Code Download @

PS: I will publish the code under GNU Lesser General Public License v3 as soon
as GA Release comes out!!!

 * $Id: .siganture,v 1.3 2009-12-11 09:22:54-02 nbrito Exp $
 * Author: Nelson Brito  
   Copyright(c) 2004-2009 Nelson Brito. All rights reserved worldwide.
http://fnstenv.blogspot.com */ 

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