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Multiple MicroWorld products insecure directory permissions
Multiple MicroWorld products insecure directory permissions
Multiple MicroWorld products insecure directory permissions

	Multiple MicroWorld products insecure directory permissions

  Release date:    05.09.2008
  Severity:        Medium risk
  Impact:          Privilege escalation
  Remote:          No
  Status:	  Unpatched
  Category:        Low-hanging fruit
  Software:        Multiple MicroWorld products
  Tested on:       Microsoft Windows XP SP3
Developer: http://www.mwti.net/ 
  Disclosed by:    Edi Strosar
Kudos to: shinnai [www.shinnai.net] 

Vendor's own words:
=================="We add confidence to computing."

Download link:

===========MicroWorld's eScan, MailScan and X-Spam product line is prone to 
security issue where LUA users can elevate their privileges.

1.) Affected applications:
     eScan Anti-Virus 9.0.x
     eScan Corporate 9.0.x
     eScan Professional 9.0.x
     eScan Virus Control 9.0.x
     eScan Workstation Server 9.0.x
     eScan Internet Security Suite 9.0.x

     Corresponding binaries:

2.) Affected application:
     eScan Web and Mail Filter 9.0.x

     Corresponding binaries:
     %programfiles%\ecan-web and mail filter\traysser.exe
     %programfiles%\ecan-web and mail filter\consctl.exe

3.) Affected applications:
     MailScan for Mail-Server 5.6a
     MailScan for SMTP Server 5.6a

     Corresponding binaries:

4.) Affected application:
     X-Spam for SMTP Servers 5.6a

     Corresponding binaries:

All mentioned binaries are running under NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account. 
Replacing any of those programs with appropriate (i.e. cmd.exe) will 
spawn process with Local System privileges on next reboot. Because 
setup/installation procedure sets insecure default permissions 
(Everyone:Full Control) on eScan/MailScan/X-Spam installation directory 
any LUA user can perform this task. NOTE: some binaries won't spawn 
visible windows.

Yes, you guess it. Other MicroWorld products may be vulnerable.

Proof of concept:
================Do you really need any?

==========Set proper permissions to eScan/MailScan/X-Spam installation directory 
and all it's child objects. WARNING: this may impact the functionality 
of the application!

========18.08.2008 - Initial vendor notification
	   - Vendor did not respond
25.08.2008 - Additional vendor notification
25.08.2008 - Vendor states that it is aware of the issue and working on it
25.08.2008 - Coordinated disclosure suggested
	   - Vendor did not respond
30.08.2008 - Coordinated disclosure re-suggested
	   _ Vendor did not respond
05.09.2008 - Public disclosure

======This advisory is just 2nd part of the same story. The opening round is @ 

=======edi [dot] strosar [at] gmail [dot] com

==========The content of this report is purely informational and meant for 
educational purposes only. Author shall in no event be liable for any 
damage whatsoever, direct or implied, arising from use or spread of this 
information. Any use of information in this advisory is entirely at 
user's own risk.


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