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mercurial mercurial-hgk
rPSA-2008-0276-1 mercurial mercurial-hgk
rPSA-2008-0276-1 mercurial mercurial-hgk

rPath Security Advisory: 2008-0276-1
Published: 2008-09-17
    rPath Linux 2

Rating: Minor
Exposure Level Classification:
    Remote User Deterministic Information Exposure
Updated Versions:

rPath Issue Tracking System:

    Previous versions of the mercurial package do not properly honor
    "allowpull" permissions when serving a repository using hgweb.
    Additionally, the git converter in mercurial has been updated to 
    work with recent git releases.
    Note that hgweb is not enabled by default on rPath Linux systems.


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