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Multiple Flash Authoring Heap Overflows - Malformed SWF Files
Multiple Flash Authoring Heap Overflows - Malformed SWF Files
Multiple Flash Authoring Heap Overflows - Malformed SWF Files

======================================================================= Multiple Flash Authoring Heap Overflows - Malformed SWF Files

Vendor Website: http://www.adobe.com 

 Affected Versions:
 Adobe Flash Professional CS3/Flash MX2004

 Vendor Notified.     July 2008
 Public Disclosure.   October 16th 2008

 Researcher: Paul Craig - paul.craig  security-assessment.com

============================ Overview =================================
During analysis of the SWF file format used by commercial Flash authoring
applications multiple heap overflows were discovered within Adobe Flash
CS3 Professional, and Adobe Flash MX 2004.

Heap overflow conditions occurred when opening or importing malformed .SWF
files within the Flash authoring applications.

Exploitable conditions were related to excessively long control parameters
within an SWF file, which resulted in a heap overflow condition.

Exploitation of the heap overflow conditions would allow a malicious user
to gain command execution on the system which opened the file.

Only the Flash authoring software was found to insecurely parse malformed
.SWF files.

The Flash player was NOT found to be vulnerable to these specific attacks.

=========================== Solutions =================================
A patch has been released from Adobe to address this vulnerability within CS3.
Additionally Adobe Flash CS4 has been officially released which resolves
these particular vulnerabilities.

============================ Credit ===================================
Discovered and advised to Adobe in July 2008 by Paul Craig of Security-Assessment.com

======================== About Security-Assessment.com ================
Security-Assessment.com is Australasia's leading team of Information Security consultants
specialising in providing high quality Information Security services to clients throughout
the Asia Pacific region. Our clients include some of the largest globally recognised
companies in areas such as finance, telecommunications, broadcasting, legal and government.
Our aim is to provide the very best independent advice and a high level of technical
expertise while creating long and lasting professional relationships with our clients.

Security-Assessment.com is committed to security research and development, and its team
continues to identify and responsibly publish vulnerabilities in public and private
software vendor's products. Members of the Security-Assessment.com R&D team are globally
recognised through their release of whitepapers and presentations related to new security

Paul Craig
Principal Security Consultant

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