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MSF eXploit Builder v2 Alpha Sources Released
MSF eXploit Builder v2 Alpha Sources Released
MSF eXploit Builder v2 Alpha Sources Released

Hi folks,

Today /your mission/, /if you/ choose to /accept it/, is to download the
following sources and help me to code this sh*t!

What is the "MSF eXploit Builder"?
MSF eXploit Builder (aka MSF-XB) is an UNofficial tool to use with the
Metasploit Framework ( http://www.metasploit.com ). 
MSF-eXploit Builder is a Windows GUI to build Metasploit Framework
exploit modules.
MSF-XB includes, for now, a built-in fuzzer, win32-debugger and a lot of
little tools used in the process of exploits development.
More information:

While listening the AC/DC War machine song, I decided to release my
sources, since I work on this project for months and don't have time to
complete it correctly.
The sources of the project include part of theXploiter project.
One screenshot will more quickly describes what this project is.

(In few words; the main goal is to use fingerprinting/ports scanners to
obtain information on the target and use a database of matching
vulns/exploits to launch an attack against it. Some kind of MSF autopwn,
but with more granularity (ie: automatic return addresses choice based
on the OS version, SP, locale, etc of the target / use of a predefined
post-attack scenario...))

To code it, I used an IDE called WinDEV, you can use the free Express
version to open and modify the sources:
The sources are dirty (the truth is that they're horrible) and not
reliable (come on guy, that's an alpha release!) - please send flames
Don't hesitate to contact me directly if you want to help me on this

Sources download link (86 Mb):
MD5     20e658f3ba78549a9343941bc64f2a7c
SHA1    71b9509f6b183f6710b38cade9f99343930552be

Documentation (1111 pages):

I salute you.

"They didn't know that it was impossible. So, they did it!"
Thanks to Isabelle - my love.

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