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Multiple Vulnerabilities in Novell Teaming
SEC Consult SA-20090415-0 :: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Novell Teaming
SEC Consult SA-20090415-0 :: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Novell Teaming

SEC Consult Security Advisory < 20090415-0 >
=========================================================================              title: Novell Teaming Multiple Vulnerabilities
                     * Username Enumeration
                     * Multiple Cross Site Scripting
                     * Includes vulnerable Liferay portal
            program: Novell Teaming
 vulnerable version: 1.0.3
homepage: http://www.novell.com/products/teaming/ 
              found: February 2009
                 by: Michael Kirchner, SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab
Vendor description:

Web conferencing software from Novell. Teaming and conferencing offers a
number of solutions to improve productivity for enterprises, with web
conferencing just one of those solutions.

[source: http://www.novell.com/products/teaming/] 

Vulnerability overview:

Multiple vulnerabilities have been identified in Novell Teaming. These
include enumeration of usernames, information disclosure, and cross site
scripting flaws. An attacker could leverage these vulnerabilities to
collect information about the system and its users and conduct effective
(XSS supported) hybrid phishing attacks.

Vulnerability description:

1. Username enumeration:

User authentication takes place via a login form at:


The web application reacts differently for valid and invalid usernames
("Please enter a valid login" / "Auhtentication failed"). This allows an
attacker to deduce wether a spedific username exists. The attacker could
use this flaw to generate a list of usernames for dictionary- or

2. Cross site scripting:

The parameters p_p_state and p_p_mode are not validated or escaped by
the web application. Script code can be injected into these parameters,
allowing for cross site scripting attacks. Example:


3. Vulnerable Liferay portal:

Novell Teaming includes a version of Liferay portal with known
vulnerabilities (two cross site scripting flaws):

* Liferay Portal "login" Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
* Liferay Portal "emailAddress" Cross-Site Scripting


Proof of concept:

No special exploit code is required to exploit this vulnerabilities.

Vulnerable versions:

Version 1.0.3 of Novell Teaming is vulnerable to the issues described.
Prior versions are most likely also vulnerable.

Vendor contact timeline:

2009-02-19: Vendor informed about vulnerabilities
2009-04-14: Patches available


The vendor has provided fixes for the issues described. In addition, two
Technical Information Documents containing update instructions have been
released. These can be found at the following URLs:

* TID 7002997

* TID 7002999

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