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NX5Linkx Multiple Vulnerabilities
NX5Linkx Multiple Vulnerabilities
NX5Linkx Multiple Vulnerabilities

New eVuln Advisory:
NX5Linkx Multiple Vulnerabilities

eVuln ID: EV0138
CVE: CVE-2006-4503 CVE-2006-4504 CVE-2006-4505
Vendor: NX5
Vendor's Web Site: http://nx5ware.nx5.org/ 
Software: NX5Linkx
Sowtware's Web Site: http://nx5ware.nx5.org/links.php 
Versions: 1.0
Critical Level: Dangerous
Type: Multiple Vulnerabilities
Class: Remote
Status: Unpatched. No reply from developer(s)
PoC/Exploit: Available
Solution: Not Available
Discovered by: Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu (eVuln.com)

1. Arbitrary file disclosure Vulnerability 

Vulnerable script: link.php 

Parameter logo is not properly sanitized. It used as full local path to
logo filename. Script do the copy of this file in logos directory. This
directory is available from the web. 
This can be used to read arbitrary files. 

2. Multiple SQL Injections. 

Vulnerable scripts: The name of those scripts are defined by webmaster.
First - (a) displays links list. Second - (b) "out" script which do the
redirections when someone clicks on link 

Parameters c(script "a"), l(script "b") are not properly sanitized
before being used in SQL query. This can be used to make any SQL query
or make a HTTP response-splitting attack by injecting arbitrary SQL

Condition: magic_quotes_gpc = off 

3. HTTP Response Splitting. 

Vulnerable Script: link.php 

Parameter url is not properly sanitized. This can be used to make HTTP
Response Splitting attack. 

Available at: http://evuln.com/vulns/138/exploit.html 

No Patch available.

Discovered by: Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu (eVuln.com)

Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu
http://evuln.com - Penetration Testing Services 

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