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NukeSentinel 2.5.12 critical SQL injection
- Critical Sql Injection in NukeSentinel 2.5.12
- Critical Sql Injection in NukeSentinel 2.5.12

[waraxe-2007-SA#058] - Critical Sql Injection in NukeSentinel 2.5.12
Author: Janek Vind "waraxe"
Date: 27. September 2007
Location: Estonia, Tartu
Web: http://www.waraxe.us/advisory-58.html 

Target software description:

Developer: http://www.nukescripts.net 

NukeSentinel is anti-hacking sofware, used as additional security layer
around well-known-for-security-holes-as-swiss-cheese phpnuke CMS.

Vulnerabilities: Critical Sql Injection in "includes/nukesentinel.php"

NukeSentinel 2.5.12 is latest update with multiple security holes pathed,
still there are possibilities to conduct sql injection attacks and compromise
underlying website.

Let's look at script "includes/nukesentinel.php" source code:

------------>[source code]<------------

function write_ban($banip, $htip, $blocker_row) {
  global $ab_config, $nuke_config, $db, $prefix, $user_prefix,
 $admin, $nsnst_const;
  if(isset($_COOKIE['admin']) && !empty($_COOKIE['admin'])) {
    $abadmin = base64_decode($_COOKIE['admin']);
    $abadmin = explode(":", $abadmin);
    $a_aid = "$abadmin[0]";
  $admin_row = abget_admin($a_aid);

------------>[/source code]<-----------

and next is presented "abget_admin()" source code:

------------>[source code]<------------

function abget_admin($author){
  global $prefix, $db;
  $adminresult = $db->sql_query("SELECT * FROM `".$prefix."_nsnst_admins`
 WHERE `aid`='$author'");
  $admin_row = $db->sql_fetchrow($adminresult);
  return $admin_row;

------------>[/source code]<-----------

As we can witness, incoming "$_COOKIE['admin']" variable is used in
base64 decoding and produced string is not sanitized at all before using
it in sql query. Result is classical sql injection case, which can be
exploited as blind sql injection.
Proof of concept exploit has been written by me and can retrieve any data
from database within short time. By stealing phpnuke admin password md5
hash it is possible to gain administrative privileges and compromise all
the website.

//-----> See ya soon and have a nice day ;) <-----//

How to fix:

Waiting for new NukeSentinel version  :))


Greets to ToXiC, LINUX, y3dips, Sm0ke, Heintz, slimjim100, Chb
and anyone else who know me!
Greetings to Raido Kerna.
Tervitusi Torufoorumi rahvale!


Janek Vind "waraxe"

Homepage: http://www.waraxe.us/ 

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