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QIP 2005 Denial of Service Vulnerability
QIP 2005 Denial of Service Vulnerability
QIP 2005 Denial of Service Vulnerability

ShineShadow Security Report  04012009-07


QIP 2005 Denial of Service Vulnerability


QIP 2005 is a freeware program with closed source, alternative instant messaging client based on the OSCAR protocol. It has full support of ICQ and experimental support of AIM.

Product website: www.qip.ru 


QIP 2005 build 8082 (latest build)
Previous versions may also be affected


Denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerability exists in QIP 2005 instant messenger software. An attacker could try to exploit the vulnerability by sending specially crafted message in RTF format to remote QIP client. The message could cause "freezing" the vulnerable application and using 100% CPU.
Exploit message example:
Its remote exploitation vulnerability, no authentication or social engineering is required.
Probably vulnerable code exists in third party TRichView component that using QIP, but its not confirmed.


Remote attacker can exploit this vulnerability using any instant messenger software with OSCAR (ICQ) protocol support by sending specialy crafted message in RTF format.


No workarounds


29/01/2009 Initial vendor notification
30/01/2009 Vendor response
03/01/2009 New build has been released with same vulnerability
04/01/2009 Advisory released

Maxim Kulakov (aka ShineShadow)

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