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Q2 Solutions ConnX - SQL Injection Vulnerability
Q2 Solutions ConnX - SQL Injection Vulnerability
Q2 Solutions ConnX - SQL Injection Vulnerability

aushack.com - Vulnerability Advisory
Release Date:

 Q2 Solutions - ConnX

 "ConnX is a ready built internet/intranet solution that empowers employees and
  management to view and update HR and Payroll information. Internal
  are improved by providing easy access to Company and personal information for
  all employees."

Versions tested:
 Version 4.0.20080606 has been confirmed as vulnerable. Other versions untested.

Vulnerability discovered:

 SQL Injection

Vulnerability impact:

 High -    SQL Injection in backend database. Impact depends on the
 	   security and configuration of the database. It may be possible
	   to execute code using functons such as xp_cmdshell in poorly
	   configured hosts. Other attacks possible include obtaining read
	   or write access to employee data or payroll.

Vulnerability information:

 The 'txtEmail' HTML form input POST parameter of password reminder form
 'frmLoginPwdReminderPopup.aspx' is vulnerable to SQL injection.



  ' union select @@version;--




  "Error retrieving password reminder. Syntax error converting the nvarchar
  value 'Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - 8.00.2055 (Intel X86) Dec 16 2008 19:46:53
  Copyright (c) 1988-2003 Microsoft Corporation Desktop Engine on Windows NT 5.2
  (Build 3790: Service Pack 2) ' to a column of data type int."


 Vendor refused to comment on whether they would develop a patch or even notify
 existing client base.

 Workaround: Remove ConnX server from public Internet access and protect behind
 corporate firewalls, SSL-VPN, web application firewall etc.

 aushack.com advisory

Patrick Webster ( patrick@aushack.com ) 

Disclosure timeline:
 30-Oct-2008 - Discovered during audit.
 05-Nov-2008 - Notified vendor. Vendor declined to comment.
 01-Dec-2008 - Submitted full details to vendor.
 18-Dec-2008 - Attempted to contact vendor again for a patch release date.
 18-Dec-2008 - And again...
 18-Dec-2008 - Vendor response, no patch - "We support our clients,
not independent contractors."
 03-Apr-2009 - Disclosure.


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