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Security Awareness for kids
Security Awareness for kids
Security Awareness for kids


Introducing: http://www.badpeopleproject.org 

Security as it's taught to children is a mess. They get rules for 
everything, more than anyone should have to memorize, and the rules 
unfortunately hardly overlap from real world security to 
cybersecurity. We want to fix that and we need your help.

The Bad People Project is a collaborative community where kids, 
without any coaching, draw what they think a bad person looks like. As 
we put up more pictures we will be able to improve our understanding 
of security for kids from a cultural and regional point of view. This 
is then used to create open and free classroom materials for kids to 
build a strong foundation in security while crossing cultural 
boundaries where kids learn about other kids security and safety concerns.

ISECOM has a good track record in tackling difficult and abstract 
concepts to make a difference. We hope this will lead to making free 
materials for elementary schools to provide in class much like we did 
for Hacker Highschool. But we need to reach the first milestone before 
we can do anything else.

We need you to talk to the parents of children you know, talk to 
schools, and talk to after-school clubs (an Italian Judo class for 
kids submitted 8 pictures) to get kids to draw what they think bad 
people look like. Please get involved in making this a security 
awareness project that encompasses security online and offline for 
kids. Translations of the pdf are also welcome!




Pete Herzog - Managing Director - pete@isecom.org 
ISECOM - Institute for Security and Open Methodologies
www.isecom.org - www.osstmm.org 
www.hackerhighschool.org - www.isestorm.org 

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