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Security, Open Source Style
Security, Open Source Style
Security, Open Source Style

Today we are excited to announce another community initiative--the Open
Source Software Security community (oss-security). This project is an
ongoing effort to manage security information in Open Source software by
building on the collaborative foundation of the open source model.

The purpose of oss-security is to encourage public discussion of security
flaws, concepts, and practices in the open source community.  We don't want
to simply be an information clearinghouse, or to replace any of the current
security lists and groups.  The goal is to fill an existing vacuum by
encouraging active participation of those interested in the ideas and
unique challenges in securing Open Source software.  This includes
activities such as flaw discovery, understanding, reporting, and overall
best practices.

The oss-security community was initially founded by individuals from
Foresight Linux, Mandriva, Openwall, and Red Hat and has since grown to
include contributions from many other projects and individuals.  The
computing resources are currently graciously donated by the Openwall

If you have an interest in the Open Source security space, you are
encouraged to participate in the oss-security community by adding content
to the wiki, contributing to mailing list discussions, or joining us on

More information can be found on the group's wiki page here:

Thank You.


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