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Thyme 1.3 cross site scripting
Thyme 1.3 Cross Site Scripting
Thyme 1.3 Cross Site Scripting

#Aria-Security.net Advisory
#Discovered  by: O.U.T.L.A.W
#< www.Aria-security.net>
#Gr33t to: A.u.r.a  & R@1D3N & Smok3r
=BB Software: Thyme 1.3
=BB Link: http://www.extrosoft.com/products/thyme/demo/index.php
=BB Attack method: Cross Site Scripting
=BB advisory:http://www.aria-security.net/portals/thyme

=BB Summary:
Thyme is a calendar system

A Remote User Can Steal the sessioncookie by searing 

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