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rPSA-2006-0158-1 tshark wireshark
rPSA-2006-0158-1 tshark wireshark

rPath Security Advisory: 2006-0158-1
Published: 2006-08-25
Products: rPath Linux 1
Rating: Severe
Exposure Level Classification:
    Remote Root Non-deterministic Vulnerability
Updated Versions:


    All versions of the ethereal and tethereal packages, as well as
    all previous versions of the wireshark and tshark packages, will
    crash and possibly execute remotely-provided code when presented
    with certain malformed packets.  Because wireshark and tshark are
    often run as the root user, this may allow complete access to the
    vulnerable system.
    The fixes are available only as part of the wireshark package.
    Development of the ethereal program has ceased under the ethereal
    name and continued under the wireshark name, due to restrictions
    on the use of the "ethereal" trademark.  The latest version of the
    ethereal and tethereal packages in rPath Linux 1 are now redirects
    to the wireshark and tshark packages.  The command "conary update
    ethereal tethereal" will cause the ethereal and tethereal packages
    on the system to be replaced by wireshark and tshark, respectively.
    The "conary updateall" command will also appropriately migrate the
    system from ethereal to wireshark.
    The fix for this vulnerability is available in the latest version of
    the wireshark and tshark packages.  rPath strongly recommends that
    you update to the wireshark and/or tshark packages, and that you
    not use the affected ethereal and tethereal packages, particularly
    not on untrusted networks or trace files.
    Note that vulnerabilities described in CVE-2006-4331 and
    CVE-2006-4332, which are also resolved in this version of the
    wireshark source code, do not apply to rPath Linux.

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