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TimberWolf 1.2.2 vulnerable to XSS
TimberWolf 1.2.2 vulnerable to XSS
TimberWolf 1.2.2 vulnerable to XSS

                        TimberWolf 1.2.2     
Author: CorryL [corryl80@gmail.com] 

-=[+] Application:    TimberWolf
-=[+] Version:        1.2.2
-=[+] Vendor's URL: http://cms.gamezrule.org/index.php 
-=[+] Platform:       Windows\Linux\Unix
-=[+] Bug type:       Cross-Site Script
-=[+] Exploitation:   Remote
-=[+] Author:           CorryL  ~ corryl80[at]gmail[dot]com ~
-=[+] Reference: www.x0n3-h4ck.org 
-=[+] Virtual Office: http://www.kasamba.com/CorryL 
-=[+] Irc Chan:         irc.darksin.net #x0n3-h4ck        
-=[+] Special Thanks: Merry Christmas for All, Thanks for all  #x0n3-h4ck member, 
                                  un saluto a tutti gli avolesi nel mondo.

..::[ Descriprion ]::..

TimberWolf is Powered by PHP and runs off an MySQL database.
It has quite a few distinctive features amongst others.

It is 100% Freeware.
It is 100% easy to skin, and use.
It is 100% of everything you need.

The Admin Control Panel is Very simple, whereas the site itself looks the opposite.

..::[ Bug ]::..

this software is vulnerable to a type of called bug
cross-site script, a remote attaker is able to exploit
this vulnerability to draw information 

..::[ Proof Of Concept ]::..

http://remote site/shownews.php?nid=>'>alert(1261667191)%3B 

..::[ Workaround ]::..

..::[ Disclousure Timeline ]::..

[19/12/2006] - Vendor notification
[24/12/2006] - Public disclousure

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