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Trigger Abuse of MDSYS.SDO_TOPO_DROP_FTBL in Oracle 10g R1 and R2
Trigger Abuse of MDSYS.SDO_TOPO_DROP_FTBL in Oracle 10g R1 and R2
Trigger Abuse of MDSYS.SDO_TOPO_DROP_FTBL in Oracle 10g R1 and R2

NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory

Name: Trigger abuse of MDSYS.SDO_TOPO_DROP_FTBL
Systems Affected: Oracle 10g R1 and R2 ( and
Severity: High
Vendor URL: http://www.oracle.com/ 
Author: David Litchfield [ davidl@ngssoftware.com ] 
Reported: 23rd July 2008
Date of Public Advisory: 13th January 2009
Advisory number: #NISR13012009
CVE: CVE-2008-3979

Oracle has just released a fix for a flaw that, when exploited, allows a low 
privileged authenticated database user to gain MDSYS privileges. This can be 
abused by an attacker to perform actions as the MDSYS user.

MDSYS.SDO_TOPO_DROP_FTBL is one of the triggers that forms part of the 
Oracle Spatial Application. It is vulnerable to SQL injection. When a user 
drops a table the trigger fires. The name of the table is embedded in a 
dynamic SQL query which is then executed by the trigger. Note that the 
Oracle advisory states that the attacker requires the DROP TABLE and CREATE 
PROCEDURE privileges. This is not the case and only CREATE SESSION 
privileges are required.

Fix Information
Oracle was alerted to this flaw on the 23rd July 2008. A patch has now been 
made available:


NGSSQuirreL for Oracle, an advanced vulnerability assessment scanner 
designed specifically for Oracle, can be used to accurately determine 
whether your servers are vulnerable to these flaws. More information about 
NGSSQuirreL for Oracle can be found here:


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