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Unidomedia chameleon le/pro directory traversal
Unidomedia Chameleon LE/Pro Directory Traversal
Unidomedia Chameleon LE/Pro Directory Traversal

Date of Advisory:
July 20th 2006

Chameleon LE <= 1.203

Chameleon Pro is suspected to be vulnerable but since I am cheap and not about to pay $99 for
the pro version to check if a bug exists I CAN NOT
confirm that the Pro version is vulnerable but can assume since it shares most of the same code.


Chameleon is the answer to your online advertising needs!

Chameleon can be used for general advertising too, if you wish. Configure it in minutes to accept all types of ads. If you want to be specific, Chameleon will have you up and running in minutes, with ad submission and search forms tailored just the way you like.

Exploit or Vulnerability:
There is a directory traversal vulnerabilities in index.php

The vulnerability is at line 34: include "chd_ads/$_GET[rmid]";

The user can pass a directory traversal attack to index.php?rmid= and can load ANY file on the server that the attacker has read access to. This can lead to a user gaining information such as server usernames from the passwd file or reading other website files which could lead to vulnerable information being accessed.

Proof of Concept (PoC):
http://www.victim.com/index.php?rmid=[directory traversal]

Vendor Status:
Vendor has been notified but have yet to receive any notification or communication from vendor on this issue.

No known vendor solution at this time.

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