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mod_ssl - off-by-one in mod_ssl's configuration directive handling

| EnGarde Secure Linux Security Advisory                   July 02, 2002 |
|  http://www.engardelinux.org/ ESA-20020702-017 |
|                                                                        |
| Package: mod_ssl                                                       |
| Summary: off-by-one in mod_ssl's configuration directive handling      |

  EnGarde Secure Linux is a secure distribution of Linux that features
  improved access control, host and network intrusion detection, Web
  based secure remote management, complete e-commerce using AllCommerce,
  and integrated open source security tools.

  Frank Denis (j@pureftpd.org) discovered an off-by-one error in mod_ssl's
  handling of older configuration directives (the rewrite_command hook).
  As such a malicious user, using a specially-crafted .htaccess file, may
  be able to DoS the child (Apache) processes or execute arbitrary
  commands as the webd user.

  This update upgrades mod_ssl to 2.8.10, fixing this problem and other

  Users of the EnGarde Professional edition can use the Guardian Digital
  Secure Network to update their systems automatically.

  EnGarde Community users should upgrade to the most recent version
  as outlined in this advisory.  Updates may be obtained from:


Before upgrading the package, the machine must either:

    a) be booted into a "standard" kernel; or
    b) have LIDS disabled.

  To disable LIDS, execute the command:

    # /sbin/lidsadm -S -- -LIDS_GLOBAL

  To install the updated package, execute the command:

    # rpm -Uvh files

  You must now update the LIDS configuration by executing the command:

    # /usr/sbin/config_lids.pl

  To re-enable LIDS (if it was disabled), execute the command:

    # /sbin/lidsadm -S -- +LIDS_GLOBAL

  To verify the signatures of the updated packages, execute the command:

    # rpm -Kv files

  These updated packages are for EnGarde Secure Linux Community

  Source Packages:

      MD5 Sum: 2deec12206289498b8199e6ad89b19ec

  Binary Packages:

      MD5 Sum: f0f56d536c6133c25291cc11dec602a9

      MD5 Sum: 32fb239c93491476a8f172f1526c9159

  Guardian Digital's public key:

mod_ssl's Official Web Site:

Security Contact:   security@guardiandigital.com
EnGarde Advisories:  http://www.engardelinux.org/advisories.html

$Id: ESA-20020702-017-apache,v 1.2 2002/07/02 14:01:17 rwm Exp $
Author: Ryan W. Maple <ryan@guardiandigital.com>
Copyright 2002, Guardian Digital, Inc.

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