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Apple-Net: Hacking Apple-Net BBSes

	How to Have Phun With
	  A P P L E - N E T
     Written by: Apple Commander
	  Revised Mar-18-85

 * Editor's note: Only some of will
		  work, depending on
		  the version number.

  Well after about 3 weeks of John, (Apple Bandit) selling his BBS program
called Apple-Net, I got so sick of these Ruggie-BBS's running of it!  Mines
running off of it, but it's not a ruggie BBS either.

  Well I bet you feel the same way about it as me, so I whipped together this
little file on how to 'hang' it or log- on as sumone else, and read all their
mail!  (It's alot of phun logging on as the sysop and reading and replying to
all the mail) (hehehe!!)

  Since you're probably getting sick of all the stuff above, lets get down to
business.  Here are all the 'hangs' I've found and how to make them work:

  1) Log-on as a new-user (so the sysop doesn't know who you are).  Then when
you get the main command prompt, enter this:  99E99

  Now that in itself doesn't do it, but if you do it about 10-30 times, it
should just sit there and wait for the sysop to boot up the whole system.

  2) When you log-on and it asks for your password enter this:	99E99

  then it should say sumthing like


  (Please Insert Data Disks & hit a Key.)

  Then it'll wait for the sysop to come around and hit a key.

  3) Also when it asks for a password, enter this:  -1bahahaha and it will also
hang, but this one won't let the sysop know it's 'hung' if he's passing by, cuz
it justs sits there..

  Now this is the fun part!  By doing this you can log-on as any user but you
won't get the same access as s/he had.

  Follow these easy steps:

  1) Call up the BBS and log-on as a new user

  2) Enter in the name of a person that you know is on the bbs on one line like:
1st name->JOE BLOW 2nd name->

  -or- just type in a few spaces at the end of the name.

  3) Then get on the system as a new-user and *not* a guest!

  4) Now you can read all the e-mail the guy had.  And if you're smart, and
didn't use the sysop's name, do this:

  5) Chat with the sysop telling him your passw

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