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PC-Express 1.0 Registered - The Back Door!

Backdoor for PCExpress V1.0 Registred..

Many sysops in Norway have changed to PCexpress 1.0.. and
i started to wonder why i did'nt get connect at these boards..
All the PCExpress boards i've been on have had problems ( 1.0 Version)

Then a user on my board called my saying that a friend of him had
found out a backdoor for PCexpress v1.0, so therefore: All the
registred versions of PCExpress 1.0 have a backdoor, the backdoor
is "QU ME CYKEL PUMPE MED SKOR" (maybe i've should'nt have typed it,
but i wanna do, so the sysops can make a easy patch who provide the hacking 
with this backdoor)

I Know who the guy who hacked "Dreamland" and "Club ParadiZe" is, but
since i promised my source not to reveal anything about it, i will not
tell who it is, but i wanna say: What are you trying to do?, you are just
making war between sysops, would you have done the same to me if i used 

iLLeGaL e?Ror
T.U.N.C Norwegian HQ

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