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CBV: How to stop callback verification

                       by Colostomy Bagboy 

                         Don't you just 
                     who think it's cool to 
            have a callback user verification system? 
                I have a few methods that can be 
                     used to fuck them over  
                in their anal retentive attempts 
                to keep a strangle hold over the 
                  cows who logon their system! 

                        First, lets talk
                       a little bit about 
                  those lowlife lifeforms who 
            are so out of touch with the historical 
         roots of bbsing that they require users to go 
      through callback verification. I don't need to tell 
   you what scum these shitpackers are do I? Believe me when 
      I say that I could go on for a few gigs just on what 
        buttfaced buttwiping butthugging butts these so 
           called sysops are. You already know if you 
           have bothered to read this. Why do theses 
             little pricks do this? Most have some 
                  fake weenie story about how 
                     they want to keep the 
                        same users from 
                         there is some 
                        bad hacker they 
                        want to keep off 
                    the system or something. 
                  If they know so little about 
                modems that they don't know how 
               to deal with hackers then I think 
            they should just give it up and go back 
          to playing with their butterfly collections 
         or whatever it was they did once they got out 
       of diapers. I swear to gawd that EVERY board that 
     does this is really just trying to collect information 
    on users for one reason or another, most likely because 
   the sysop is a real creep! There are of course other, more
      sinister reasons. I have never seen a real hacker or 
         phreak board with callback verification if you 
            ever find one that requires this you can 
              half assume that it is just some FBI 
                sting*narc board. For christsake 
                  don't feel bad at all about 
                   making life miserable for 
                    this so called lifeform 
                   who just wants to collect 
                information on the board's users 
                         for their own 
                         please do all 
                           you can to 
                        make their board 
                     a really awful place, 
                 in doing so you will be making 
                     the world as a whole a 
                      better place for all 
                   that is good and descent. 
                        Proceed comrads:

                       log onto the system 
                    using a phone number that 
                   is from another area code. 
               Inless the syslop is a total M.R.
             the system will not be able to call and 
                      verify a LD number.   
                Leave sysop an note pleeding that 
           you live in some stupid rural place and you 
       want to call LD late at night for some real action. 
                  If they are stupid enough to 
   allow LD calls, then just call in with the phone number of 
  the White House or the CIA and let the sysop get in LOADS of 
       trouble when 427 verification calls are attempted  
                   in the middle of the night! 
                     Enter the phone number 
           of a line that is ALWAYS BUSY, then try and 
                  verify the line a few times. 
         This will not work, but after a few days, call 
     and leave half literate messages about how you've been 
   trying, but nothing happens.  Try a few more times and then 
    login and ask the sysop if your not being able to verify 
       correctly MIGHT have something to do with you modem 
           not being a real hayes compatable modem!   
                     This works every time. 
                  The always busy phone number  
                     assures that they will 
                          fall for it! 
                         This one takes 
                        a bit more work. 
                    First you must do a REAL 
                   auto-verification logon for 
                  the system in question.  Pay 
                 attention to all the steps that 
                are done in the dialback process. 
           When the system calls, does it require you 
         to hit any specific keys?  Will it allow you to 
    simply answer the call?  If so you are home free in that 
   all that is reuqired here is that you have the system call 
 ANY other BBS and you will be validated (by their ATA signal). 
    If more input is requred, such as hitting the [esc] key,  
       or answering yes or no to a question, then you must 
          find a BBS in town that begins with the exact 
             required characters. If a password is  
               required you can always change your 
                 password to the opening screen 
                    of another BBS so it will 
                        auto-auto verify  

                           If you have
                        a laptop, all you
                        gotta do is pack
                    it up and go walk around
                  the nearest college campus or
               hospital and find some little room
                or hallway with a telephone. Pull
              the plug and plug in your own modem.
              Check the number on the phone number
                   on the phone and enter this
                   as the number for callback
                    verification. Just follow
                       the normal callback
                         procedure from 
                             here on

                           Aint got no
                       Laptop? Got a job?
                     Got a place where youre
                  getting an education, or got
          any other access to anyplace where there are
    computers?  All you have to do is make up some fucked up
      excuse to use someone elses computer, wait until they
want you to fix something for you, or you are doing some sort of
    work of them (or wait until some douche bag is home with 
 a massive hangover or something).  Never use your own computer
 or line for this because any sysop that is such a motherfucker
  that they make you use call backer verification is definetly
    so full of black bile tha they will hunt you down, and we
  don't want that now do we? If they don't have a modem already
         installed in their machine then it is up to you
     to bring an external modem and slap that little puppie
            in the serial port and get a jammen man!

                         On some really
                 primitive systems all you have
                 to do to get verificaiton is to
                 enter ANY modem number and the
            system will verify you once it has called
                   a number that answers with
                           a jolly old

          (277)14-12867 Holland Hack Derjoit betritog!
                      Loads of text files. 
                Call back verification required.

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