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Misc: How to Crash a Bulletin Board part 1

                         *    How To Crash A      *
                         *   Bulletin     Board   *
                         *                        *
                         *   By  Mind Master      *
This file is from the Alpha Complex, opening soon in Houston, Texas.
Watch for it!
Definition: Today I'm going to show you how to make a system crusher that
should kill any board without a surgeprotecter on their phone lines, and some
tat do.
Materials: model rocket launching detonator (you know what I mean), spare
copper wire, electric tape, a power outlet ,and some wire cutters.
         First step: Look at your detonator, it should have
         a status light, a launch button, and two wires
         coming out the fron with metallic clips on the end.
         Now open up the back and take your batteries out.
         Second step: Take some wire and wire one strand of
         copper to the positive detector in the detonator.
         Wire the other end of this to the positive side of
         a car battery. Wrap electric tape around it so it 
         shock you later. Now take another wire and wire it 
         around the negative receptor in the detonator.
         Third step: You should now have two wires coming 
         out the back of your detonator, one connected
         to the battery (positive). Now shred the insulation
         off the phone line your modem is connected to (no,
         not the one going toward your computer). Attach the metal
         clips on the fron of your detonator to the phone line.
         It will take a bit of experimenting to get them in the
         right place. 
         Fourth step : Dial up a board, and when you connect,
         turn off your modem, or unplug the phone line from
         your computer (not from the wall) unless you
         want to blow up your own computer. Now carefully
         check all connections in your detonator-battery
         hookup. With a plastic-lined pair of tweezers, take
         the negative wire end and wrap it aroung the receptor
         on the battery. Then you probably know what to do:
                   PRESS THE LAUNCH BUTTON!!!
        This should blow that board into the air. If it doesn't,
        then try something with more power like an outlet in
        your house.
Call the Alpha Complex!

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