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Misc: How to Crash a Bulletin Board part 2

                 *                                 * 
                 *  System Crusher part II or      *
                 *  How to crash a bulletin board  *
                 *          PART TWO               *
                 *                                 * 
                 * Written, idealized, and typed   *
                 *   Grim Reaper                   *
                 * Based on original system crusher*
                 * by Mind Master(me)              *
                 *                                 * 
                 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Call The Order of Assassins
Opening in 10/87
Definition: You might remember the first one in this series where I showed
you how to build a simple system crusher out of a rocket-launcher interface.
 This is the ultimate design of that type, including two car batteries...
You need:
Two (2) 120+ volt car batteries or an outlet with similair attributes
A reel of copper wire, preferably insulated, about three feet
Your basic rocket-launcher detonator(with key and light,etc.)
About 5 feet of phone line
A metal box big enough to hold the car batteries(optional)
And anything else I mention here, including tools..
1. Take the car batteries and tape them together, so that they form the
following shape:
1  :
2  :
Thus, battery one and two.
Now take some copper wire and wire a split, like this..
                       / \
                      /   \
                     (1)  (2)
Area one will be wired to the positive bolt of battery one, area two will be
wired to the positive bolt of battery two.
Now do the same thing with the negatives, including wiring a new split.
It should look something like this...
                         : :
                         : : \
                        / / \ \
                       / /   \ \
                     -----   -----
                     :- +:   :+ -:
                     : 1 :   : 2 :
                     -----   -----
Now if you can make that schematic out, you'll see that there are two
split wires, one connecting the negatives, and one connecting the
positives...remember, DO NOT CROSS THE WIRES!
2. Next you'll have to split apart the extra phone line you have and
then strip the red and green wires, it'll be wise to rip out the yellow
and black. Then connect the positive alligator clip on your launcher
to the skinned red wire. Now do the same with the negative clip and the
green wire.
3. Now connect the positive split wire on the battery hookup to the
positive receptor in the launcher. Now do these same with the negative
split wire and receptor.
 You might want to wrap electric tape around these so they will not
rip loose.
4. Now take your phone line that you just made and substitute it for
the one that is currently connected to your modem-jack or if you have
an internal, the computer-to-jack, or whatever one connects into the wall.
5. Make sure that you do not have the key inserted in your launcher.
Then dial a board and make sure you're connected..then turn off your modem
or your computer(exteranl-internal again). 
6. Slip the key into the hole and turn, this should give you a light lit
on your launcher, if it doesn't, then you need to check the connections.
If you have the light on, then PRESS THE BUTTON!
This should send some mucho voltage throught the line and into the victim's
modem..possibly making it malfunction.
                         REASONS FOR IT NOT WORKING
1. Your wires are bad, or you have messed up connecting them.
2. The victim had a modem-line surge protector.
3. The voltage blew the system connector on your house.
There are other things, but you'll have to figure them out for yourself.
Good day, I hope it works for you!
Grim Reaper

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