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C-64: Crashing a C-Net

.           The HOW TO File           .
.         On Crashing A C-Net         .
.              Part Two               .
.               By ]>itto             .
.                AKA Shlomo           .
 In this file on Crahing a C-Net I will discuss methods of making, using, and
getting backdoors on C-Net, I will also show some C-Net programming and how to
make your very own backdoor!
  First I will discuss ways to get SysOp access on a cnet...There are a
few ways and most are effective.
Method 1
 Now this method is quite simple BUT a certain access level is needed. This 
works like this:
 First: you must try and convince the SysOp to give you SubOp access of one
of the UD sections, this is the only thing stopping you from complete
control of his board. If you dont have a commie then try to convince him to
have maybe a g-philes section or a UD section of your computer type and for 
him to make you a subop, this won't be too hard if you are an expert in the
art of bullshitting.
 Second: (This is the easy part) Log on the board real late at night (somewhere
between 2-4am) and go into your sub in the UD section, then hit Z for subop
maintenance and once in there hit 2, once you are at this menu change the
name of the UD section to:
name/e (where the name is the name of the UD). Then leave the subop
maintenance and leave the UD section, then go back into the UD section and
you will see that your UD section is now a ENTIRE DISK EXCHANGE MODE which
means you can kill/upload/download anything on the disk.
 Third: Now you must make for yourself backdoor, and then upload it to the
board in place of the a prg. file already on the disk (making a backdoor
for yourself will be discussed later)
 Fourth: Now just execute the prg. file you replaced with your backdoor and
your set!!
Method 2
   Now this method is simple and you dont need subop access BUT the sysop
of the BBS you want to install this backdoor on has to be either:
1) a Lazy bum
2) a completely stupid asshole
   This is how it works...
 First: You must go into the p-files section and see if there are any games
in there, if not then funs over, this method wont work. Dont get your hopes
up just because there are online games, now what you have to do is execute each
one and make sure that each one is there and make sure you dont see:
'Error reading "name of game"', if you dont get any errors and all the games
are there then your out of luck.
 Sorry, but the reason why it would say error reading the game is because that
game isn't on the disk (or maybe it is just that the sysop misspelled the name
, in any case...If there is an error than you now have the ability to
install a backdoor.
 Second: This is easy from now on, now all you have to do is go into the UD
section and upload a game with the name prg.name of game missing.
Example: game missing is wrestling, so you upload a game called prg.wrestling.
 Get it? Well anyways this prg. that you upload must be you very own
backdoor (this will be discussed later)  Third: Just execute that game after
you have uploaded it and you in control
Method 3
 This is probably the most worthless method and the hardest to do, but what
the hell. In this method you must:
 First: Get ahold of an online game that the sysop does not have and is
somewhat a good game, then install a backdoor (discussed later) and then
upload it to the UD section, if the sysop is an idiot he will add it to the
p-files section without even checking it, if he is smart he will check it
for backdoors and if he is a complete idiot or you are good at hiding back
doors than he'll add it to the p-files section.
 Second: Once it's in the p-files section just execute it and go with
your backdoor. That simple!
Method 4
 Do the same as method 3 BUT do not install a backdoor in the game, and
wait till he puts it in the p-files section, once he does go into the UD
section you uploded it to and check if its still there, if so then since
you uploaded it, just kill it and then upload your backdoor, then execute
the game and Ta Da!
Making A Backdoor For Yourself
 NOTE: It always helps to have a commie at hand when editing or making games
or backdoors for CNET but I'm sure any computer will do.
 Here I will discuss some of the variables needed and some sub-routuines
need to make a backdoor or game.
  Well first of all to start out all CNET games MUST be between the lines of
512-580, and you can not skip lines.
 Important Variables:
a$ - used to print out things on the BBS, goes with a gosub 40, for example if you wanted to print out 'axeman is
an asshole' you could do that by doing:
a$="axeman is an asshole":gosub40
ac% - this is your access level, the access levels of cnet go from 0-9 (9
being sysop, and 0 being new user) I will discuss access levels in detail
in a later file.
 NOTE: one easy way to make a backdoor would be to but somewhere in the game
a line like this:
ac%=9, that would give you sysop access an$ - the response of an input, (in 
other words what the luser typed in)
b$  - current board # your in.
cm$ - prompt (example=MAIN:)
id  - your id
d1$ - last call date
d2$ - current time and date
pw$ - your password
 Important Sub-Routines:
gosub 2100 - like input.(an$=the inputs response)
gosub 40   - to print something out to the modem,(Example: a$="hello":gosub40
will print out 'hello')
goto 6000  - logoff the user
goto 1300  - the main menu
goto 512   - execute a p-file(game)
goto 16000 - read a file
gosub61000 - do this 1st before going
to 512 for loading in a game example:
to load 'dumb game' do this:
a$="dumb game":goto61000:goto512
  Well those are some of the real neccesities.
NOTE: When printing something out to the modem a ctrl-k will act as a
carriage return. Example:
a$="<ctrl-k>hello<ctrl-k>":gosub40 that will print a return then hello and
then another return.
Backdoor Example:
 Here is a very simple example of a backdoor file for cnet, if you want
you can use this, or your very own backdoor.
 Here goes:
512 a$=" a stupid backdoor ":gosub40
513 ac%=9:goto1300
 As you probably know the example i've given will print out' a stupid backdoor
' and will then give you sysop access, and then return you to the main menu.
 The above is ofcourse a lame example, I dont have time for a complicated one.
But I think you got the idea...If not then leave me mail on any board I'm on.
 Also try contacting your local commie user, he might be able to supply you
with some nice ones, If you need one real bad, let me know and I'll make
a few for you.
C-Net Trick
 This isn't much but it is a simple way to find out who posted a anonymous msg
on a CNET, this only works with the main message not the responses. What
you do is read the message and then privately reply to the idiot who posted
the message(Ooops I forgot to tell ya that you have to have a good idea of
who the hell posted it...) then once you have done that go into the e-mail
section by hitting M at the main menu and then type V to verify someones mail
then all you do is enter that persons name and if it says that guy has a
msg from you that you know it's him...
 Not so great a trick eh?

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