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Fido: Crashing Fido BBSes

++      How to crash Fido BBS's.        ++
+                                        +
+              By: Bishop                + 
++                                      ++

How to crash Fido bbs's.. hmm this is a very easy thing to do.. 
so this file will be very short.. ok.. try this.. 

When you get to a message area do an area command and it will list
all of the message areas..

---- Fido ----
1... General 
2... Tech 
3..* Fido Mail
Message?     <-- when you get a promt here type.. 3333333, 6 to 7 threes
                 and this will lock the system up.. as of Fido 11w I'm not
                 sure if this still works.. 

     But remember that the sysop has his logs and such so he can see who
   called and such.. he will also know how you did it.. it will stay on his   

well.. thats one way.. the next way is to goto a message area and use the
Edit command on a message.. <Fido has major bugs in Message areas> Well, 
this is what you do from there.. 

    goto the message area and enter a message, then edit something in the
  message. When it gives you the promt "New String:" enter like over 80+
  characters. And it will give you a bunch of forward slashs, then hit 
  return. ok.. thats half of the bitch! Now! Go over there and type 'I'
  to use the Insert command and then the line number that you just edited
  it will them fuck up big time!!! Yes thats it you have now locked up
  one of the worlds most popular systems! well done dude!

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